Professional Services

Our professional team helps customers in need of degreed and certified experts to assist in more large-scale, construction-related projects.

From master planning to tree protection plans to damage assessment and mitigation, CLC can help minimize construction hazards to your most valuable landscape features.

Landscape master planning
Landscape master planning services are perfect when you have a vision and a professional chosen for installation, but you need landscaping expertise to plan strategically. We can evaluate and plan for any engineering, materials, and construction needed so your installation professional is set up to execute successfully in budget and without unexpected problems.

Tree protection and mitigation planning
Whether you’re adding on to an existing structure or building new, we can make sure that your property’s most valuable trees are accounted for in the process. These services are in place to help customers design a plan to protect trees valuable to a landscape before construction begins, and mitigate foreseen damage caused by or after construction.

Tree risk and damage assessment
More often than not, we are called in after a tree has been damaged in the construction process. Depending on the, case this tree may be in decline and causing a risk hazard to the owner or the general public. Through scientific processes, we are able to evaluate the scenario, assess risk and offer mitigation options.egrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques we make sure that no disease is mishandled. When diseases are mishandled a small problem can turn into a large one and ultimately end up costing more in the end. With proper identification and management strategies Central Lawn Care makes sure that any disease problem is addressed correctly the first time.

Landscape Bed Weed Control
Controlling weeds in a landscape bed can be very tricky if you don’t have the trained eye for which weeds you are dealing with and what methods or products are correct to address the problem. With a highly trained staff, IPM practices, and a full line of weed control products for all season long Central Lawn Care Turf Management is able to handle any weed problem you may be experiencing. From pre-emergent herbicides for control in the beginning of the season to winterizing herbicides to prepare for the following season we have you covered!

Tree and Shrub Fertilization
Trees and shrubs take up a lot of nutrients throughout the growing season, meaning year after year there is less nutrients available in the root zone for the trees and shrubs to up-take. This is especially true when dealing with the home or commercial landscape. Without a regular replenishing of the proper requirements a certain tree or shrub may need to thrive year by year they will begin to not hold up in the landscape and become susceptible to the stresses of the environment (insects, disease, drought, etc…). With our trained ISA professional and a wide variety of methods and products, Central Lawn Care Turf Management will ensure your trees and shrubs look great year after year.

Tree and Shrub Insect Control
Controlling insects involves proper Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies through identification, timing, and quality of product for control. If the insect causing the damage is misinterpreted, this can cause improper control costing you money and more damage than any good. Central Lawn Care employs highly trained staff in horticulture (plant science), and entomology (insects) making sure that any problematic insect found in your landscape is addressed correctly, the first time.

Tree and Shrub Disease Control
Controlling Disease in the landscape can be very difficult, having a trained eye for horticulture (plant science), and pathology (disease) makes sure that the problematic disease is properly identified and managed. With Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques we make sure that no disease is mishandled. When diseases are mishandled a small problem can turn into a large one and ultimately end up costing more in the end. With proper identification and management strategies Central Lawn Care makes sure that any disease problem is addressed correctly the first time.

Lawn and Landscape Improvements
Along with the seasonal maintenance of your lawn and landscape there are a variety of things that can be done throughout the years to address stress issues, damage, and or improve longevity. Whether it’s addressing a compaction issue in you lawn or around trees, fixing construction damage, addressing environmental stresses, or making sure none of these become a problem. Central Lawn Care Turf Management has the ability to address any of your plant health care needs.

Lawn Aeration
Over the course of a season the lawn will encounter a lot of stresses this could be from drought, frost, erosion, or traffic. With these stresses come compaction, bare areas, and root damage. The best way to address any of these issues is to have the lawn area aerated. By aerating your lawn you alleviate compaction, allowing more moisture to penetrate the soil, and provide more areas for your turfs roots to penetrate and become stronger. This practice also helps with thatch build up (organic matter built up around your turf which can choke it out) by removing excess thatch leaving the proper amount in your lawn to compost and provide nutrients. With a healthier turf root system your lawn will better out compete weeds, defend against pest, and prepare for environmental stresses.

Top Soil Additions
The best way to address areas you are having trouble getting turf to grow in is to have top soil applied to those areas. Many times these areas are bare leaving them open to the elements allowing for increased compaction and erosion. Compaction creates an impenetrable barrier not allowing the first roots set by the seed to get established and erosion washes away all of the good top soil needed for the seed to establish its roots in the soil below. By applying top soil to these areas you create a nice bed of soil for the roots to begin growing and allow them strong enough roots in order to penetrate the tougher soils below.

Tree Ring Vertical Mulching
In the residential and commercial landscape setting many trees suffer from compacted soil. The compaction is a result of constant construction equipment traffic or as simple as stripping the top soil and only leaving behind the lower level heavy soils (i.e. clay). When soil is compacted this restricts the amount of space roots have to grow and limits the amount of water and nutrients available for that tree. Vertical Mulching is like aeration for your trees, by drilling a specified number of holes into the soil around the drip line of the tree and backfilling with a compost mixture, we alleviate areas of compaction and allow for added pore space for water and nutrient availability and root growth.

Lawn Installation
Establishing a lawn is all about quality of the product, selection of seed type, and proper installation. Quality of product always plays a huge role in the success of seed germination and lawn establishment; low quality can carry disease, insects, weed seeds, and or the wrong type of seed or turf. The selection of the proper seed or sod type makes sure it will handle the climate in the area, the soil, soil moisture content, and traffic. With proper installation germination and establishment is a guarantee, some believe just throwing seed on the soil, and covering it with straw will give you the results you are looking for. This is far from the truth, each circumstance requires a different approach whether it’s in compacted soil, a shaded area, or a hillside Central Lawn Care has the right method of installation the first time.

Our seeding techniques make sure you have quality seed, proper turf type, and the installation is correct for the area you desire to have turf. Central Lawn Care has many different turf seed mixes and installation methods using netting or straw blankets.

Re-seeding your lawn is a great way to ensure a dense, lush, and weed free lawn year after year. By over seeding or slice seeding your lawn you create a situation where your desired turf type is always out competing weed seeds for space, water, and nutrients.

Over seeding
Over seeding is great after your yard has been aerated by letting the seed make its way into the pore spaces created, this allows a safe area for the seed to receive moisture in order to germinate. This also allows great soil contact and protection from birds or other critters that may want to get at the seed you just put down.

Slice Seeding
Slice seeding helps in areas really heavy in thatch or highly trafficked by helping break the soil and get the seed exactly where it needs to be. Slice seeding removes thatch which can choke out new grass seed and established grass, and breaks compaction which will inhibit seed germination and not release water to established turf.

Hydro-seeding is great for areas difficult to germinate, hillsides, and especially around pools. It provides a clean finished appearance from the initial installation and ensures you don’t ever have straw blowing around your new landscape.

Sod is for those who don’t want to wait for their lawn to come up in order to enjoy their new landscaping. Quick, easy, and ready to be used right from the get go. Only using sod from the most reputable suppliers in our area, this sod is guaranteed weed, insect, and disease free every time.