Landscape Design & Installation

Whether you’re looking to give a place your own personal look or it’s just time to bring new life to your landscaping, we want to help you bring your dream vision to life – stress free and with added expertise.

During a free initial consultation, we will discuss how your ideas and our expertise can come together for the most beautiful, healthy and strategically planned landscape possible. Then, being mindful of your budget and guidelines, we put our experience and knowledge to work from design and planning through contracting to create a finished green space that will inspire “wows.”

Includes the planning of new or modified:

  • Landscape beds
  • Plants
  • Patios
  • Architectural design or totally master plan

Includes a custom combination of these services after a plan is set forth in the consultation:

  • Plantings: Proper plant selection and installation techniques are key to a healthy and flourishing landscaping system. We help you choose the plants that will not only look the best but thrive the best in your particular lawn environment. We then plant using best practices so they take root successfully. This includes Annuals, bulbs, small perennials, shrubs, and trees both large and small.
  • Transplanting: Have a plant that was installed in an improper area or may do better in a different location? We can help using the proper techniques and timing to give that plant new life in another location on your property. This includes small perennials, shrubs and trees both small and large.
  • Irrigation: Installing irrigation is the best way to ensure your landscaping investment is protected. Proper design and installation will make sure your landscape receives its full water needs. Professional servicing will guarantee that the system is always efficient and functional.
  • Hardscaping: We install high quality retaining walls, courtyard walls, patios, walkways and driveways with skilled craftsmanship to add form and function to your outdoor living space.
  • Water features: Our certified craftsman can strategically add the dimension and serenity of waterfalls, ponds, pond-less waterfalls and fountains.
  • Lighting: Highlight your favorite landscape features at night with low voltage lighting ideas. We can help you showcase a wonderful tree or light guests’ way up the drive
    with our smart lighting solutions.