Professional Services

Our professional team helps customers in need of degreed and certified experts to assist in more large-scale, construction-related projects.

From master planning to tree protection plans to damage assessment and mitigation, CLC can help minimize construction hazards to your most valuable landscape features.

Landscape master planning
Landscape master planning services are perfect when you have a vision and a professional chosen for installation, but you need landscaping expertise to plan strategically. We can evaluate and plan for any engineering, materials, and construction needed so your installation professional is set up to execute successfully in budget and without unexpected problems.

Tree protection and mitigation planning
Whether you’re adding on to an existing structure or building new, we can make sure that your property’s most valuable trees are accounted for in the process. These services are in place to help customers design a plan to protect trees valuable to a landscape before construction begins, and mitigate foreseen damage caused by or after construction.

Tree risk and damage assessment
More often than not, we are called in after a tree has been damaged in the construction process. Depending on the, case this tree may be in decline and causing a risk hazard to the owner or the general public. Through scientific processes, we are able to evaluate the scenario, assess risk and offer mitigation options.