Soil Solutions

Many times, difficulty with plants is actually caused by soil issues. Our programs help  to improve vigor, strength, nutrient availability, and environmental stress protection for your soil without being overly costly.

Many of our landscaped soils, especially those in urban settings, have been mistreated over time. Compaction, removal of top soil and spillage of toxicity are just a few examples. These problems make it difficult for plants to grow and thrive – sometimes plants die immediately. CLC can help you avoid the waste and expense of planting in problem soil by improving its quality before landscaping.

Organic matter replenishment
This service incorporates organic matter back into soils that lack desired levels. After initial consultation and complete soil analysis, we design a plan to incorporate the correct compost at the correct rate. This helps soil microbiology become active again, which in turn allows proper environments for plants to grow and thrive.

Compaction and drainage relief
Many soils suffer from compaction. This may be a result of construction, environment or traffic. Compaction leads to problems like drainage and plant health. Our team can use the best tools and techniques available today to assess and relieve the soil to promote a more functionally draining and flourishing landscape.

360 Mulching
Studies show the importance of repurposing and replenishing organic matter back to the landscape, most importantly through plant bed coverage using mulches. Instead of landscape waste going to landfills, dumps and waste, our team collects clean debris from local landscapes and turns it into 360 Mulch. The mulch is aged and then used back in our community to protect plants, prevent weeds, and eliminate added waste to our landfills.