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For Trees & Shrubs. Give Them the Nutrients They Need

* New services only. CAN be combined with other offers. 

To keep your landscaping looking great now and through the years, your lawn, shrubs and trees need a healthy diet. Our health and protection products and services help build plant health and protect against pests. All of our plant health programs are based with 100% organic bio-solution.


Achieving healthy lawns, trees and shrubs requires a deep understanding of individual plants and specific growing conditions for each. Our goal is to put our knowledge to work so you have the best-looking plants possible while reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides – and all at an affordable cost.

Lawn Health and Protection Programs
We offer the following fertilization methods, pest control and lawn repair techniques:

  • Hybrid: Our hybrid program uses the best of both worlds: organic and traditional technology. BIO-SOLUTION allows us to use 50% less traditional fertilizers than traditional programs, yet achieve a green, wonderfully weed free lawn just the same.

    With BIO-SOLUTION, we re-introduce organic biology to your landscape. This builds essential elements required by plants to stay healthy and compete against pests. BIO-SOLUTION also goes beyond the plants to ensure your soil is healthy, helping your whole lawn system to fight against pests, drought and nutrient deficiencies.

  • Invasive and damaging pest, weeds, & disease control: In recent years, there has been a surge of exotic pests in local landscapes. Exotic pests come from other regions of the U.S. or other parts of the world and include Japanese beetle grubs, green June beetle grubs, nimblewill, dollar spot, brown patch and many more. These weeds, insects and diseases can be very difficult to control, especially when left unchecked, and can be very damaging to a landscape.

    It takes a deep understanding of a pest and options available to treat the pests successfully. CLC builds on years of experience with hours of continued education annually to stay abreast with current trends and best practices. We put our knowledge and science to work to identify, assess and develop the most comprehensive treatment plan for the pests particular to your landscape.

  • Lawn maintenance, renovation and installation: Whether you need regular turf thickening, you’re looking to repair grub damage, you’ve suffered drought damage or you’d like to install an entirely new lawn, we offer many options.

    We start by seeking to understand what caused the damage and the kind of lawn you would like to achieve by renovating. Using a custom combination of these tools, methods and products, we will repair or install a healthy lawn that’s set to prosper for years:


    • Aeration

    • Slice seeding

    • Landscape raking

    • Top soil additions

    • Compost additions

    • Overseeding

    • Hydroseeding

    • Sod installation

Tree and Shrub Programs
Our tree and shrub services range from health and protection to pest treatment to size and fruit management and tree revitalization. Details include:

  • Season long health and protection: This program starts with a full evaluation of your trees and shrubs by our certified arborist. Then we develop a program custom built to suit your tree and shrubs needs. To nurture tree and shrub health, we use a combination of our BIO-SOLUTION and fertilizers applied at optimum times for soil activity and proper plant uptake.

    To protect the plants from insects or diseases common in our area, we employ traditional pesticides and/or fungicides as needed. All products are applied at the label rate and manner suitable for the task. Because each program is custom tailored to the needs of plants in your landscape, we never apply unnecessary products to your trees and shrubs.


  • Invasive and damaging tree and shrub pest treatment: There are many pests that can truly devastate your landscape, no matter if your plants are healthy. These include anthracnose, trunk cankers, bronze birch borer, dogwood borer, scale and many more. Thanks to advances in our industry, we are able to protect and eliminate many of these from landscapes. With proper identification, products, and application CLC makes sure your landscape is not lost to controllable pests. Here are high-devastating pests common to the area that CLC can treat:

    • Anthracnose

    • Scale insects

    • Trunk cankers

    • Bronze birch borer

    • Dogwood borer

    • Bag worms

  • Tree and shrub size management: Thanks to advancements in our industry, we can now effectively control trees and shrubs in new, better ways without harming the plants. We can help if a tree is too large for the area where it is planted.

  • Tree and shrub revitalization programs: Many trees and shrubs suffer from drought, restrictive growth, nutrient deficiencies, and pest pressures because of issues occurring above and below ground. Soil pH, compaction, organic matter and drainage are just a few examples. Many companies will offer a quick fix through fertilization or pesticides. Instead, CLC provide solutions that promote maximum nutrient absorption, ward off pests effectively, and promote the ideal growing conditions that your trees and shrubs need to thrive. These services include:

    • Organic amendments

    • Girdling root pruning

    • Compaction alleviation

    • Construction damage repair

    • Drainage repair

    • Corrective pruning

  • Soil solutions: Many times, difficulty with plants is actually caused by soil issues. Our programs help to improve vigor, strength, nutrient availability, and environmental stress protection for your soil without being overly costly. These services include:

    • Organic matter replenishment

    • Compaction and drainage relief

    • 360 Mulching