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To keep your lawn looking great now and through the years, it needs a healthy diet. Our lawn programs help build your lawn's health and protect against pests.


We offer a variety of lawn program options for your lawn. Learn more about each level of our lawn health offerings right here.

Charlie's Green Lawn Program
This is Charlie's introductory lawn health program. It includes:


  • 6 lawn visits

  • Nourishing applications of our hybrid compost-based soil builder

  • Grub and surface insect control

  • Crabgrass preventer

  • Grassy weed, nutsedge and other tough weed control

  • And Charlie's well known customer service

Charlie's Greener Lawn Program
All of Charlie's Green program, made great by adding:

  • 6 lawn visits

  • Nourishing applications of our hybrid compost-based soil builder

  • Grub and surface insect control

  • Crabgrass prevention

  • Nutsedge, grassy weed and other common weed control

  • Charlie's customer service you love

  • Double pass core aeration in the Fall

Charlie's Greenest Lawn Program
For the discerning customer who wants to make their lawn the greenest, take our greener program and make it the greenest it can be with: 

  • 6 lawn visits

  • Nourishing applications of our compost-based soil builder fertilizer 

  • Grub and surface insect treatment

  • Crabgrass preventer

  • Control for common regional weeds

  • And as always, Charlie's renowned customer service

  • Double pass core aeration in the Fall

  • Overseeding and seed starter fertilizer to get things jumping in the Fall

Charlie's Bee-Loving
 Organic Lawn Program

This program is green in all the ways–and bee friendly. Want to go completely herbicide free? This program is perfect for the customer who enjoys a nice, even lawn
, but also doesn't mind having a few pollinator-friendly weeds sprinkled in as a trade-off for a 100% organic option.


For years we have promoted great soil health through compost-based organic fertilizers and soil microbiology-building to have the best lawns in the area. Charlie's 100 Organic Lawn Program brings all of our soil-building and soil- maintaining knowledge in, but removes the herbicides. To learn more, give us a call.

Looking for Individual Options?

Call us for specific services outside of our packages. 

Lawn Aeration
Outside of the standard lawn treatment, this annual service plays by far the biggest role in the success of your lawn. Punching thousands of holes into your lawn creates large pore spaces for air and water infiltration. 

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding
In addition to the core aeration, filling in thin spots and keeping great turf density through overseeding is vital to protect against erosion from wind and rain, and also to not allowing space for weeds to flourish. This add-on really beefs up your lawn.

Lawn Aeration, Overseed & Sliceseed High Impact
Even with aeration and overseeding, some spots in the yard may be just a little too worn down. (Examples: off your driveway, next to a sidewalk or off of your back patio.) These spots may have suffered high impact during the growing season and will need an extra something to get going again. This service provides the necessities of Aeration and Overseeding, but then gives these High Impact areas extra love with the Sliceseeder.

Soil Builder

What's so great about our soil builder?

Our hybrid lawn treatments utilize the best of both worlds: organic and traditional technology. Each program includes a 100% organic, compost-based soil builder fertilizer which allows us to use 50% less traditional herbicides than traditional programs, yet achieve a green, wonderfully weed free lawn just the same. 


​With hearty, compost-based nutrition, we re-introduce organic biology to your landscape. This builds essential elements required by your grass to stay healthy and compete against pests. It also goes deeper than the roots to ensure your soil is healthy–helping your whole lawn system to fight against weeds and pests, nutrient deficiencies and summer drought so it can stay lush from spring to fall.

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